Sunday, January 5, 2014

7 Sewing(ish) Goals for 2014

1.  Knit a sweater. I've just begun learning to knit, because I'd like to make some sweaters, scarves, and hats. (I know I've seen a number of sewing bloggers declare that they're the last sewist to jump on the knitting bandwagon, but nope! I get that award for the moment.) I'm always cold, so it makes sense to invest some time in learning a skill that should enable me to make nice extra layers.
2. Get better at fitting.
3. Sew more blouses. It's so hard to resist the allure of cute new dress patterns, but I don't wear them all that often. Blouses are what I need right now. (Although I am scheming to make another Anna dress, if I can find the fabric I have in mind at the right price. Knit, inspired by and (Also, wear the dresses I have more often - then I can justify sewing others. . . )
4. Sort/use up some of my stash. I have a lot of pieces of . . . stuff. . . left over from other projects that are sort of big enough for a top. I either need to make use of them, or get rid of them.
5. Learn to make my own hats. I've recently come around to the idea that I can wear hats. I used to think they looked weird on me, but that was just the wrong hats and/or poorly fitting hats. Apparently I have a small head, because even the size Small hat I recently bought from an excellent hat maker (on a great sale!) was still a bit on the big size. They occasionally - but rarely - have size XS (but the XS are rarely still around when they get to being on sale). Looking at the hat, it seems like something I could do, and not have to pay $140+ for a hat that fits properly. Challenge accepted!
6. Be better about blogging about completed projects in a timely manner.
7. Participate in another sewalong. I love the camaraderie and the help that comes with participating. Suggestions on places to find out about more are always welcome.

I'm also thinking I'll participate in some sewing contests on PatternReview. I just got some Jalie patterns, so will probably try one out in February for the New to Me Pattern Co. contest, and may participated in the pants, pattern stash, and TNT tee contests too.